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Sound Birth Preparation Weekend Workshops

Prenatal Classes

"I'm feeling empowered and educated, and have the knowledge to advocate for my wants and needs"

"The Breastfeeding information was HUGE!"

"I feel better prepared about what to focus on and how to prepare my birth plan"

"Great distribution of different types of activities, spacing of breaks & good length of course overall!

Sound Birth Services Prenatal Classes

Come together with other Comox Valley parents to build community and experience navigating labour and birth in a safe and supportive  environment. Classes are held regularly at Cumberland Physio & Yoga.


Explore your birth desires and wishes, discover how mental and emotional states play a part in the physiology of labour & birth, learn how to make a birth plan, and practice decision making!

Childbirth Educator, Pamela Tessmann

Your childbirth educator, Pamela Tessmann, is a Mom of 2, a certified Birth Doula, Lactation Counselor, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, and Early Childhood Educator who has been working with families for 20 years.

Pamela has facilitated various pre and postnatal groups and believes that the experience of birth and the early postpartum days has a deep impact on a family's well-being in the postpartum period and beyond. 


Creating the feeling of a positive birth allows the opportunity for personal growth and set's families and individuals up for success in becoming valuable members of society.

What you will learn:


Physiology of Birth

Stages of Labour and Birth

What you might feel - physically & emotionally

Comfort measure techniques and medical options

Creating your birth preferences/birth plan

Setting the stage for a positive birth experience

Newborn procedures & care

Postpartum Healing and wellness

Breast/chest feeding 

What you will gain:

Greater knowledge in the birth process

Opportunity to explore desires and practice for the big day

Increased confidence and decreased fear

Partners will feel relief in knowing what to expect and how to help with labour

Guidance in preparing for your birth and postpartum period

Connection and community with other expectant parents



Investment is only $225/couple for a 2 day series ($100 non-refundable booking fee included)                              * Includes fresh-baked, sugar-free date muffins, tea, fruit and lots of handouts!

10 AM - 3 PM each day (with 1 hour lunch break)

Where: Cumberland Physio & Yoga - 2781 Dunsmuir Ave, Cumberland, BC

Register HERE


**It is required that both parents  arrange their schedules ahead of time in order to participate fully in each class.  You will both get the most out of the class this way!


***The information provided does not, in any way replace the care and advice of a registered midwife or medical doctor.


Sound Birth Services Prenatal Classes

Register Today to Hold your Spot!

February 18 & 19, 2023

$100 deposit required

* April & June Dates TBD

Gift Certificates Available 

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