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Love Cumberland? Let Cumberland Love you!

My husband and I moved to Cumberland in 2009 and started our family. At the time, it was a quiet, little village where you could walk to the park with your kid in the stroller and hardly see anyone else. Since then, we've watched as Cumberland grew like a busy little bee hive - all of the bees inside bursting with love for this place we all call home. More families moved to town and more shops and services opened, tightening the strong sense of community with each addition.

It is not often that I find myself needing to leave Cumberland for any of my shopping. It has nearly everything I need to fill my fridge (Seeds Food Market) or treat myself! This Valentine's Day, I want to share with you some of my favourite places for an indulgent shopping spree or a date with your sweetheart. From pregnancy-craving-worthy sweets and hot drinks to clothing and massages, you'll find it all.

Let me walk you through the perfect Valentine's Day in Cumberland. You'll find most of these on or near Dunsmuir Rd. or as the long-time locals call it: Main Street.