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Love Cumberland? Let Cumberland Love you!

My husband and I moved to Cumberland in 2009 and started our family. At the time, it was a quiet, little village where you could walk to the park with your kid in the stroller and hardly see anyone else. Since then, we've watched as Cumberland grew like a busy little bee hive - all of the bees inside bursting with love for this place we all call home. More families moved to town and more shops and services opened, tightening the strong sense of community with each addition.

It is not often that I find myself needing to leave Cumberland for any of my shopping. It has nearly everything I need to fill my fridge (Seeds Food Market) or treat myself! This Valentine's Day, I want to share with you some of my favourite places for an indulgent shopping spree or a date with your sweetheart. From pregnancy-craving-worthy sweets and hot drinks to clothing and massages, you'll find it all.

Let me walk you through the perfect Valentine's Day in Cumberland. You'll find most of these on or near Dunsmuir Rd. or as the long-time locals call it: Main Street.

1. You can start with a coffee or tea and a delicious breakfast at the Wandering Moose Cafe (Pictured above). The atmosphere is warm and cozy - perfect for these chilly days.

2. Head up the road to pick up some mouth watering chocolates for your sweety at Darkside Chocolates where they use organic and fair trade chocolate. And Mammas, while you're there, get

something for yourself too!

3. Neighbouring Darkside Chocolates are two clothing stores to treat yourself at: West & Co. Consignment Boutique and Rusty Rooster. West & Co. carries only the finest and most up to date styles of previously loved clothing while Rusty Rooster carries new fashion as well as lifestyle items like soaps, pottery and jewelry. Further up the street you will also find Jipsi Tree Bricks and Mortar, another fantastic shop with nature inspired, locally made clothing, salves, lotions, jewelry and much more! Across the road from Jipsi Tree is Fisherman's Daughter Classic & Vintage Finds, a sweet little shop where you'll find carefully curated antique furniture and household items, as well as classic and vintage clothing.

4. After you've found the perfect item for your wardrobe or home, head over to Carbon Hair Company where Krista and Cindy will treat you to a scalp massage and/or new do! These ladies are passionate about non-toxic hair and body products (ideal when you are pregnant!) and love to help find the best look for your personal style!

5. Opening beside Carbon Hair Company very soon is Little Village Store, a children's book and gifts store! You'll soon be able to purchase your little one a belated Valentine's Day gift! Follow their Instagram page here to stay updated on their progress!

6. You might be getting hungry for some lunch now, so head up to Biblio Taco, Cumberland's hand-crafted tacos for an authentic Mexican meal. Spice or no spice, the meals are satisfyingly flavourful!

7. Before you head to the village for all the dining and shopping you'll be doing, be sure to make an appointment with one of the fine massage therapists at Massage Therapy and Wellness! What expectant Mamma doesn't need a massage!? With training and experience in prenatal massage, you'll be in good hands for a blissful treatment.

8. After you've had your massage, complete your day with either an appointment with physiotherapist Lindsay, or a yoga & meditation class at Cumberland Physio and Yoga. Be sure to check their website for a complete schedule.

9. Now that you've had a full day of shopping and indulging, contact Willow & Wave for a beautiful hand-made bouquet to take home and admire. Leah doesn't have a storefront just yet, but she is working from home and is participating in the Raven's Artisans Market this Sunday evening, Feb. 10th at the Masonic Hall.

Now that Cumberland has Thoroughly loved you up, here is my final suggestion....

10. If you are presently expecting a baby, let ME love you up! feel free to get in touch with me for a free consultation for my doula services. It's my job to give you love and support during this special time in your life and I'd love to tell you how. Otherwise, call me up in November when you're Valentine's Day baby is due ;). Click here for more information about me. Also, Plum Midwifery has a clinic in Cumberland and I'm sure they'd love to hear from you too!

As you can see, we have a plethora of options for shopping, dining and self-care in Cumberland for Valentine's Day. There are more places to visit that I couldn't fit into this blog, such as the Cumberland Museum and our wonderful Cumberland Forest trails, so be sure to head over to to see what else you might find that suits your fancy!

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