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Myth: Lactation Cookies Will Increase Milk Supply.

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

There is insufficient evidence that lactation cookies and other herbal supplements will increase your milk supply. When it comes down to it, milk is increased (and maintained) by these 3 factors:

1️⃣ Frequent milk removal by an efficient baby or pump.

2️⃣ Low stress. Easier said than done sometimes, I know! Stress hormones compete with milk making hormones, so finding small ways to lower stress like resting when you can, getting help around the house or making a daily shower or outside time a priority can go a long way!

3️⃣ Nutrition and hydration. Plan ahead in your postpartum with freezer meals or a meal train. Put water bottles everywhere around the house and keep easy one-handed snacks accessible.

What causes low milk supply?

🤍 Timing feeds instead of feeding on demand

🤍 Infrequent or insufficient removal of milk

🤍 Hormonal Imbalances including Thyroid Dysfunction, Diabetes and PCOS

🤍 Anatomical challenges in parent and/or baby like Insufficient Glandular Tissue or Tongue Tie.

Basically, if you want to eat a cookie, treat yourself to a delicious one! And if you need help with finding the root cause of your low milk supply, connect with Pamela, IBCLC for a personalized clinical assessment and feeding plan.

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