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Sound Testimonials

"I am grateful to have had Pamela and Jody as my doulas for our second child. I had fears of loosing this pregnancy. They helped me validate and navigate these fears in the early months, and were there to understand my other concerns in later pregnancy also.

I previously had a lovely home-birth, and for this pregnancy I had apprehensions about birthing in a hospital setting. Pamela and Jody are experienced in both settings and armed with knowledge to help one make informed choices. They took the time to listen to my desires, concerns, and preferences, but I also felt they really took an interest in getting to know me and my partner, not just by going through the paperwork, but by having real organic open conversations with us in our living-room. Along with some good laughs.

Being able to run through my options with them, and honestly learn what my rights and options were was invaluable, and knowing that I would have Pamela and Jody in my corner during labour, gave me added confidence in having an objective opinion in the room that I could call upon no matter how the situation evolved.

When it came time for birth Pamela was the one who joined us at the hospital. She was so respectful of my space. I appreciated her presence, and there were moments when she was next to me just right when I would have asked her to be, and there were moments when I just wanted to be with my partner, and she gave us that space with ease. She was so intuitive.

Thank you for your support Pamela & Jody"

- Taryn T.

"Pamela wears many lovely hats in our community and has a great reputation. It was without hesitation that I booked her for a lactation consultation when I needed some advice and guidance around breastfeeding my newborn. Her calm demeanour, active listening and friendly/personable humour will put anyone at ease. As a new mom, Pamela provided me with the right amount of support and confidence to move forward."


- Vanessa S.

"I contacted Pamela for her lactation counselling services and was so pleased I did! Not only did she have a ton of knowledge about breastfeeding, she also has an incredibly kind and compassionate approach. With her support we were able to sort out my breastfeeding difficulties and things have been going so much better since!"

- Kathy K.

"As first timers, my husband and I decided to have a doula support us through the birthing process. It turns out that having Pamela as our doula was the best decision we could have made.


She instilled a calm confidence in us as we pushed through a drawn out labour that resulted in an emergency c-section. She offered guidance for both of us, while giving us space to navigate the experience as a couple.


Pamela is very aware and respectful of her clients' needs and values. She is professional yet personable and has a grounding presence in the birthing room. I cannot imagine going through what I did without Pamela by my side.


She continued to support us as a new family after the birth and we will always remember how fortunate we are to have a healthy baby girl in our lives. Thank you Pamela!"

- Elke V.

"I am so glad we decided to work with Pamela for my labour and birth! She has such a calming presence. She knew exactly what to do and say during each stage of labour.


My husband and mom both agree that she was a huge support for them as well as myself. It made them feel more at ease to have her there.


She offered some really amazing advice in the first few weeks and some extra support when I really needed it!"

K. Houlihan

"This is a time I wish I was better at expressing myself with words. Having Pamela with me for the birth of my daughter was amazing.


Pamela's calm demeanor and ability to support you in whatever choices you need was great, having her there to back me up and tell me that I had the right to ask for what I needed even if doctors didn’t fully agree was so important and helpful. I was meant to have a scheduled C-section but baby decided to come a day early. I felt like the doctors weren’t listening or taking my concerns seriously but Pamela helped me voice my concerns and tell the doctors I wasn’t going home and waiting it out. It turned out to be the right choice because I went in to active labor a few hrs later and very nearly had my baby on the OR table.


During labor Pamela seemed to know what I needed and when without me even saying a word, from coming over and rubbing my back or standing in front of me and helping me breath and focus. I have never felt so supported before. I wish I had the right words to express just what a great doula Pamela really is anyone would be lucky to have her!"

A. Graham

"I have been so impressed with Pamela while working with her as our doula! We had a doula with our first baby, and knew how much of a difference it made having one, but then being with midwives I wasn't sure if I needed a doula again. The answer when it came down to labour & birth was very much yes!


This time we opted for a homebirth and it being new territory I wanted some extra support. I had a very different labour than our first baby, and many stop/start pre labour type symptoms, and Pamela was there to help me along and do some serious hand holding as I went through the emotional transitions that labour brings forth. I am ever grateful for someone who just 'got it' and was there whenever I needed her.


Pamela was just as instrumental in birth, helping me with her space & support in a very slow, then very very fast labour and birth. With the midwife having to work hard to keep up to such a speedy baby arrival, she was quite preoccupied with imminent delivery while Pamela was able to talk to me quietly, keep her hands on me to help stay grounded, and help me breathe through some very intense contractions. 


Our birth was perfect and she was a big part in making it run smoothly, including calming our son when he needed it, and running to grab my husband when our baby was fast deciding to be born. Pamela's approach is client driven, confidently supportive, warm & supportive of how you'd like your birth atmosphere to be.


I would give Pamela the highest of recommendations. Pamela's natural gift for doula-ing is right up there with the best. Whomever chooses her as their doula will be a well loved mama, family & child:)"

- Gillian C.

"I can't imagine feeling more supported and cared for than Pamela and my husband made me feel during the birth of my daughter.


Pamela met with my husband and I several times before labour. She shared resources, helped us think through our wants and fears for labour and quickly got to know us. We felt comfortable with her very quickly and I really appreciated that she shared our sense of humour. I was impressed by the quality of the resources she shared with us.

I always feel completely comfortable texting or calling Pamela with questions. When I started feeling contractions I texted her right away. She was ready and willing to come over as soon as we needed her and was giving us tips and suggestions through texts until then.


During labour Pamela did an amazing job of supporting me and helping my husband to support me. They called themselves "the dream team" and they really were! I had no idea that my husband would be such an amazing support. I think having Pamela there put him more at ease and allowed him to really be at his best to help me.

Pamela has a wonderful calm, quiet but strong presence. She interacted beautifully with all the hospital staff and also made sure that my wants and needs were respected. When I started bearing down through my contractions it was her who noticed the transition and alerted the nurses. It was a good thing she did because I surprised everyone by dilating 8cm in 4hrs. I attribute my ability to do this and the fact that I was able to go through labour without any interventions (besides laughing gas) to Pamela's expertise. She suggested different positions and ways of moving that made a huge difference to how I felt, how the labour progressed, and even to the baby's heart rate.


Now that we are in our first few days of being parents it is wonderful to have Pamela to email, text, or call with questions about sleep, breast feeding and everything else. She continues to be a tremendous source of knowledge and care.

I feel like every couple should have the opportunity to feel this level of care, support, and expertise through labour. I will never forget how Pamela helped make the birth of our first child such a beautiful, love filled event."


- Catherine C.

"I wasn't sure I wanted or needed a Doula, but with my husband working away and knowing I'd probably have a quick labour I decided to have Pamela on board in case he didn't make it.


With my first labour I didn't want to be touched or look at, so I really wasn't sure if I would utilize a doulas skills. Buuut this labour was different, when my water broke, we decided to stay at home (hubby was home) and things progressed quickly...I wasn't aware of how fast it was going to go but Pamela had a good idea, she picked up on cues and we called the midwife back to the house.


She helped me with each contraction knowing exactly what would help. Just the littlest of tips, like reminding me to breathe all the way out, helped so so much. Her presence was calm and professional, she was my eyes and my ears when I was focused, knowing what I wanted and did not want in my surroundings, from lighting to guests! She made my husband feel involved and comfortable supporting me.


My hubby said after that it was like having our own nurse that tended to just us. He was happy with our/my choice to have Pamela there. 

My first was with Midwifes in hospital, my second was home with midwife & doula, if we have a third I'd definitely use Pamela again at home or in hospital!"

- Katie S.

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