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Lactation Services

Providing infant feeding support

What is a Lactation Consultant?

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are highly skilled allied healthcare professionals that are a part of the perinatal healthcare team who address feeding challenges that range from basic to complex.


Whether you want to exclusively breast/chest feed, bottle feed or combination feed, Pamela will meet you where you’re at to help you work toward your feeding goals.

* No cost to indigenous families - BOOK HERE

Infant feeding support

With her calm and friendly approach, Pamela provides people with education & support when they are having difficulties feeding their baby. She has received extensive specialized training in understanding lactation, bottle feeding & pacifier use, and can help with such things as:

  • Preparing for breast/chest feeding during pregnancy

  • Establishing lactation

  • Addressing latch issues and nipple pain

  • Tongue and Lip Tie 

  • Overcoming mastitis and clogged ducts

  • Address supply issues

  • Support in expressing/pumping milk

  • Bottle feeding or combination feeding

  • Supplemental Nursing Systems (SNS)

  • Feeding Multiples or in tandem with an older child

  • Support in breast/chest feeding premature babies

  • Support in breast/chest feeding babies with health challenges

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