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Holding the Belly

Prenatal Lactation Group Class




1.5 hrs

per couple


The prenatal lactation class is 1.5 hour long and will cover topics such as Golden Hour/Power Hour, Anatomy & Physiology of Breast/Chest Feeding, Foundations to Success: Positioning & Latching, Signs of Effective Milk Transfer, Milk intake and infant diaper output, Breastfeeding Challenges, Alternate Feeding Methods, Milk Expression, and how to set yourself up for success!

Your Instructor

Pamela Tessmann, IBCLC

Pamela is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Childbirth Educator, and former doula who has an extensive background in Early Childhood Care and Education. 

She has been supporting families for 20 years and, along with her private lactation consulting practice, teaches birth classes and lactation classes regularly in the Comox Valley.

Pamela Tessmann, IBCLC, CBE
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