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A Posterior Tongue Tie?!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Posterior tongue ties. They are such a mystery and can cause so much confusion for breast/chest feeding parents and care providers alike. It is often thought that a tongue tie baby cannot move their tongue past their gum line, which isn't necessarily true for a baby with a posterior tongue tie.

Parents with tongue tie babies start to struggle with feeding their baby soon after birth and can be confused by the symptoms if their baby is thriving and gaining weight well.

Symptoms can include:

* Fussing/sleepiness at the breast

* Unable or struggles to maintain a deep latch

* Gas/reflux/colic/blood in stool

* Baby feeding often, more like an all day snacker than a baby who takes regular meals.

* Chokes and splutters on milk once the let down happens.

* Slow or no weight gain

* Difficulty taking bottles or pacifiers

* Nipple pain

* Late onset decreased milk supply

* Clogged ducts/mastitis

In this video, you'll see an older child being treated for her posterior tongue tie - likely to help with the alignment of her teeth. You'll see that she is not in pain and that the mobility of her tongue is greatly improved after the revision (even though she could stick out her tongue prior to the treatment). Warning: It is a bit graphic, however, there is no blood.

Seeing a lactation professional as soon as you encounter breastfeeding problems can improve your breast/chest feeding experience very quickly! If you are struggling, feel free to book a virtual appointment with Pamela here.


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